I have stated many times that my goal is not only to create a business that allows me to stay at home with my children, but also to aid other mothers to do the same. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest thing, neither the first option for everyone (since it takes time and effort, hence financial gains will take time to flourish) but we’re here because we’re giving our best to our children and we want to make this a reality. While the internet makes it VERY easy for some (companies, organizations, large groups of people), social media and everything that comes after (monitoring, interpreting, analyzing, etc) is not a piece of cake for everyone. I am lucky enough I have gained both academic and professional knowledge on the ways to keep tight track on e-commerce practices and now, this will be what I will deliver for you and as part of my e-services (to sustain my own family).

I have been working these days with probably one of the most wanted paths online for a stay-at-home mother, becoming an influencer. It’s a fun and relatively easy way to start making some income or at least, trying products freely at the expense of talking your honest free mind about the product and how it aided you to solve your problems. A product that you review is always supposed to solve one of your problems. Another thing to keep in mind is to abstain from any desperation – own your reviews, do not jeopardise your online reputation to give a brand a 10 if you actually mean an 8. Brands that do not value sincerity will find it difficult to survive in an era where the customer has the last word, no matter how much advertisement and financial efforts are being put into their campaigns.

Learn how to work from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Goal Setting

Trying to come up with new blogposts, writing them and editing them, looking for or taking the perfect pictures, editing and writing a fitting message to attach to them while spreading them throughout all your social media channels, monitoring and then analyzing will take a lot of time, that I can tell you. So how do you manage to keep a balance in between your everyday life and a chaotic working from home schedule? Setting precise goals and planning them.

Start looking at your blog as a business platform instead of just a ”hobby”. You can still do whatever you like the most, in your own way but with order instead of chaos.

You need to realize you can actually make passive income out of your blogging, especially if done aesthetically. It is not about abandoning the content you want up, neither selling your soul for the sake of money or brands. Brands will find you if you’re honest, charismatic, punctual and good at what you’re doing and the only way to reach there is through discipline, as with everything. So set a timeline for yourself and all will work out eventually. I created this tool especially for you, if you want to start this journey.

How to use the Goal Setting Worksheet

It was created to be easy. So let me explain what everything means:

  • Goals and Types: I have added 3 different kinds of goals you can have in a year, for instance. An example of a goal would be ”Gain access to product gifting”, or ”Collabs with paid campaigns”, or ”Be featured in high traffic profiles/websites”. Those are actually my 3 goals. And the type can be: immediate, short-term, mid-term or long-term. Choose one.
  • Dates: You need to keep track of your days, when you start focusing on your goal or between what periods of time you would like to get them done. Write it down. Date started and date completed.
  • Timeline: If you don’t have specific dates, use this for more or less guessing when you want to get this goal ready, you can use seasons or times of the year, or important dates (anniversaries, etc).
  • Intention: Use this box to describe what you want to reach with your goal, what is the end purpose of it. Having it clear it will also aid you to get there. You can also add things you need to take into consideration such as obstacles, for instance.
  • Steps: Use this box to describe or write down how you will reach the end of your goal. Make a plan and have it down on paper you can use lists 1) 2) 3), etc.
  • Notes: You can track your progress here, write down achievements or how much time/activities remaining for reaching that goal is left.

Are you ready to take your blogging game further? Or why not, to start with it? It’s close enough with starting a business from scratch just a little bit more organized and engaging. If you start blogging, people will discover you easier…hence I strongly recommend having or developing a blog first before actually starting to offer any products to the world out there.

Get your printable worksheet now

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you are interested in receiving more aid with setting your online business, let me know down in the comments and/or Instagram!

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Social Media Organization for Online Business Mothers

  1. This looks like a great chart to use when planning without getting lost in the details. It seems like central reference point and guide for when you’re coming back into the work each day and to keep your mind on the goals. I like it. Aesthetically pleasing too! x

    Liked by 1 person

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