Ideally we would all live outside the city and be transported there within means of minutes whenever we would need something. But it just doesn’t work like that and gladly we have the countryside with its beautiful landscape, farms, systems and tranquil ways. I personally couldn’t live in a big city surrounded by cars, noise and stress. Maybe you’re different and you NEED the city? I know plenty of people like that, nevertheless, they always find ways to escape it, funnily enough.

Here in Sweden we are lucky enough that the prices of properties and houses in general decrease as further as you go from the city, so it’s easier to find peace and isolation if you so wish. How is it in your country? I know this differs greatly.

De-stressing is not about becoming lazy nor about feeling guilty for taking 10 minutes a day ONLY for your own self. Even if you have children, you can allow them to entertain themselves for 10 minutes and have that time for yourself – it doesn’t need to go over that. We all need a little break from activities, that being mental or physical, so we can perform better. Look it from the bright side, coming up with a self-care routine for 10 minutes a day will only make you better. Who wouldn’t love that?

Little things that count the most

You don’t need to spend money in de-stressing. Take 10 minutes each day, find time to do what you enjoy them most. And that can be:

  1. A quick run. Yes. Put your running shoes on, grab your phone and your favorite music and leave the house for a 10 minute powerwalk/run. It’s not much but going outside and changing the landscape helps a lot with concentration levels, eyesight and overall exercising your cardio every day while getting those happy hormones up.
  2. Stop spending. Most people are stressed due to their low credit – let’s be honest. Financial stress is with us every single day and it is normal, upsetting and quite of a pain. But gladly there is a solution…most likely just like everyone, you’re overspending on items that are not really necessary and at the same time you’re observing your own bank account hitting bottoms. Financial security is something that can leave us with insomnia at nights. Take care of your finances, plan better, spend less, consume less, be thankful with what you have and become more minimalist in areas you should (home decor, extra clothing, extra cosmetics, extra gear or gym clothing, extra toys for your growing children, etc.). I as I said before, I will upload a Finance Planning tool to aid you with planning your money a little better.
  3. Take a quick bath. Warm water relaxes the muscles and aids with muscle pain. It’s also been proven that a warm bath aids inflammation so next time you feel your muscles and joints too much, give it a try.
  4. Turn up the music. Play music in the background that makes you happy. We all have our favorite tunes and music is a good way to induce the brain into relaxation mood. Please do not play anything vulgar around your children. Avoid music with lyrics, just stick to the calming or synth tunes.
  5. Face massage. Close yourself in the bathroom, have a seat and clean your face and add your favorite products. I recommend using ONLY organic products especially on your face. And this advice goes for both men and women. Men can practice a little grooming, maybe applying a serum or a balm, while women, well…all those fancy products you’re spending a fortune on! (haha, we all do it, I know).
  6. Rock your babies to sleep. While catladies would recommend you to probably pet and groom your cat because it’s beneficial, I would actually recommend you to put your baby down for a nap, caress them, sing to them, rock them on your lap if they enjoy that and just observe them. You need to cherish every single moment with your child as he/she will never be as small as now. Watch him/her grow all the time you can…plus, this also improves bonding (which can conclude in them being more obeying towards you, aside from growing love).

And one last thing, if you can afford it, have fresh flowers on your desk/window every Sunday. It helps so so much with bringing your inner balance out every single day of the week. If you have a garden you can gather your favorite flowers. If you do not want to spend money in buying fresh flowers every now and then…listen to this. Cemeteries often throw away flowers from the crowns. Yes, it is creepy but it is a way to save money…especially if the flowers are in good conditions, do not be shy, go and pick what you think looks good. If someone judges you for it, you shouldn’t be bothered – better recycle than spend on things that could perfectly still be used, something so precious that comes from mother nature.

What are you doing to feel relaxed in the middle of a stressful day? Let me know in the comments down below or follow me in Instagram and let’s talk!

See you in the next post!

One thought on “How to De-Stress with a 10 Minutes Routine

  1. Point #2 is spot on, especially for a growing family. As I prepared to become a mother years ago, I called to mind what meant the most to my brother & me growing up. And so I replicated these experiences with our 4 children. They will never look back & think about all the toys, clothes, or “things” they had. Our children remember and cherish the TIME we gave them above all material things: when we cooked together, made artworks, read together, planted a garden, or helped a neighbor. They will think of how we got on the floor to play with them, not what we bought them. Going outside in nature, or spending time with elder family is generally cheap/free but also priceless for growing children. Freeing yourselves as parents from debt and constantly purchasing means less stress. Less stress with Mommy & Daddy is always, ALWAYS better for children. Financial restraint & responsibility is best taught by good parental example and consistent family practice. Best wishes to you and yours. Enjoying this blog.


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