One of the reasons I have started this blog was to not only expand my reach regarding my own opinions and experiences but also to share and grow together with other women (and men, if interested) and create a little hub for what they call now ”#mompreneurs”, or, stay at home mothers that wish to start a business and bring some passive income to the household while still schooling and spending precious time with their children.

How am I planning to do so? Easy. I will be creating content that will help women use social media strategically and use it for their own advantage, also creating tools that will help with organization and analysis. Another goal of mine is to create guides or ebooks regarding influencing and marketing practices or tips and advices about how to start, expand and continue with an online business. Exciting, right?

Today I am bringing you a little guide with the first steps to starting your own business, or website.

Step #1 Be sure.

Have clear ideas and goals. It’s easy to commit once you know what you need to do and whether you can dedicate 1 hour a day to work on your things. You don’t need to sit down for 60 minutes at a time but you can also spread the time throughout the day as long as you get done your pending tasks. Keep in mind that you need to be organized, nonetheless. Working from home requires A LOT of self-discipline.

Step #2 Find your audience.

Find an audience you want to serve and satisfy. This is a golden rule in marketing with a purpose. You must have clear in your mind to who you are directing your content and products. Who are they for and why. After you identify the audience, it is easier to pick customers and offer tailored products and services. Think of people who would LOVE what you’re doing. Then they are your audience/customers.

Step #3 Set goals.

Have your goals set with your business/website/shop. It’s crucial to know beforehand where you want to get with it. Usually for a website/shop is to increase revenue (income per month), hence you need to start engaging with your audience in a very direct manner. Use platforms that enable easy online sharing methods and choose visual platforms, beauty is prime and sells. Focus on the practical resources a website/web shop offer you and balance that with the costs per month of maintaining such – where there’s beauty, there will be people, hence there will be business. Don’t be stingy. Invest and risk.

Step #4 Check out competitors.

Monitor your competitor or someone you get often inspired by. It’s so important to add your own personality to your creations but it is no sin to actually gather inspiration from others, or seek ideas. Have a look at what others are doing and imitate their best practices while detecting their faults – will save you time eventually even if this step takes some serious stalking of other accounts in social media and websites online. Follow the trends. Look at used hashtags, keywords, etc.

Step #5 Invest in your platform.

Free website platform VS paid. This will be the first question when you’re ready to set your business. I personally recommend to start with a free platform and give it a try for couple weeks, if you like what you’re creating then purchase the domain right away before it gets too late and accommodate yourself with the new tools offered, etc. I use WordPress because it’s easy, you have it all in one (even if I would decide to go for a webshop that wouldn’t be free to maintain) but you also have free options from WordPress or places like Wix. Do a little Googling to see what you like the most.

Step #6 Plan your content.

Set a plan for Content Creating. I would love to aid you with this, so in the coming weeks I will aim at making a tool that will help you keeping track of your content creation time management, so check back here. But back to the point, content is the most valuable asset that you need to produce for your website or webshop. People like to read about your stories, products and overall getting to know you better so try to mix some professional content with personal to give your brand a persona, a face. Be yourself, most importantly.

Step #7 Start earning.

Make passive income out of it. I will be honest, but at this point I make NOTHING while I am writing FREE content for my website, but I do know that in time and as my content expands and views grow, I will make an audience that will be interested in what I am creating, advice and tools for stay at home mothers that need help in organizing and expanding their online business. Think about the services you can offer, products you can make and ALWAYS deliver VALUE. Value is crucial with your content. No one wants to read/hear something that is mainstream. Well, at least no one creative and appreciative.

If you want to generate some income out of your website traffic, sign up for Google Adsense and earn a little something when visitors click on ads – no, one cannot make a living out of it but helps a little. Another way is to become an ambassador of some brand you really truly enjoy and recommend (try to get in touch with them once you have a steady audience) and offer them your platform for advertising (they can offer you products you can try and recommend, for instance). And a last tip I can give you is to actually become a Amazon Affiliate and include Affiliate links in your articles/posts/website to products your visitors can purchase with a referral from you, so you will again gain a little commission for every sale in Amazon that your audience will complete.

Are you planning to start something online? If these tips helped you make sure to follow my Instagram account and drop me a comment here. I would love to hear what you think and whether you have any plans to getting some passive income in!

See you in the next post!

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