It’s already the end of 2018 and some are stressing around about rather superficial things forgetting that there is the beginning of a whole new year ahead. We’re caught up in Yule preparations, sure, but it shouldn’t stop us from seeing further. I compiled a list of things to think about or do before the New Year hits us where most hurts: productivity. I want to offer you ways of becoming more useful, not only to your own family but the individualistic society we live in nowadays. This list will aid you in finding a balance within 2019, setting your priorities and becoming more straightforward with that you really want to work for, rather than what the world wants us to work for.

1. Write a Gratitude List

Yes, we should be grateful for what we have been given, presented with or done always, but many forget that there’s always someone that has less. Let’s not forget all the opportunities we’ve been presented with this passing 2018 and write down the things we are most thankful for. I got to say ”freedom” of speech (of that even exists anyway) should actually make the list of many of you, and the fact that you are not being held for what you believe in, for being who you are, for speaking.

Take your diary, or a piece of paper, and write the top 10 reasons you are most grateful for this year. There’s no trick on doing it. Have the list present when you start your 2019 planning and remember things are always changing, some you can affect and some you can’t.

2. Write an Achievements List

Just like the gratitude list aids you on actually realizing how fortunate you are compared to many others and pushes you to strive towards more, the Achievements List will motivate you to balance your productivity in 2018 and maybe see what you can improve for the incoming year. Maybe you got a stuck plan, maybe you didn’t finish a task you were supposed to, who knows. Just write it all down to see what you’ve done with this one year of your life.

Maybe you’ve graduates, you were promoted, you wrote a book or a successful article. Everything counts to stir up motivation and productivity.

3. Make a Financial Plan

Yet another year is coming and maybe you want to start a family soon? Maybe you want to start saving for your family, or you have a very expensive goal in 2019 that you need to achieve and you need to manage your income a little better. Fine. Then write down all the big expenses you are awaiting in 2019, student loans, debts, travels, family expenses, health expenses for interventions, etc. Would you want me to aid you with this? If yes, drop here a comment or message me in Instagram. I am planning to make a little Budget Planner for those that find it a tad difficult to organize.

4. Set Goals for 2019

Probably the most obvious advice you can receive at the end of a year, set your priorities straight for the next year. This will actually help you with creating your Financial Plan as well. It’s good to start the year with a positive attitude towards the plans you have, so write down the priorities you have for 2019 and then the other less important but equally relevant goals you want to close the year with. Use your planned or a piece of paper to do so but remember to place it somewhere where you can always see it (the fridge, for instance). You need to have the list present at all times so you can drive motivation and envision a plan of action for each and every goal that you want to overcome.

5. Set a list of Dreams of 2019

This probably you haven’t heard of but it’s so so important to have it present. Why? Because maybe you are dreaming with something that at the present time you find impossible to achieve – but it might become a reality sooner than expected. Imagine the amount of motivation you can drive from something like such – seeing some of your dreams becoming a reality. What makes it different than Goals is that Dreams are usually things you do not necessarily plan for, or feel too hopeful that they’d happen anytime soon. While you can work every single day for your goals, your dreams might be a little further away (or so we think), truth is that life can surprise us when we less expect it and when something big happens, it’s important to both cherish it and share it. So make a list of your dreams, cross them when they’re accomplished (usually after many of your goals have been achieved too). It’s so satisfying!

6. Make Time for Yourself

It is so important to allow yourself some rest time and focus on what relaxes you. Maybe you’ve worked hard this 2018 and you feel like you really deserve something special. It’s always good to replenish energy and forces by giving yourself the luxury of a little lovely time. Most mainstream magazines would suggest you to take a break from everyone and everything and think on your individualistic self. I won’t actually do that, and you know why? Well, first because this blog is not part of the mainstream flow, secondly because I think solitude works only in emergency situations, but in times of seeking happiness and treatment, family and dearest friends do the best for our soul, more than a ”scented bath in rose water and flower petals”. We love being loved and fussed over, we like that and so does our soul. Visit your parents, eat your mother’s food, enjoy walks with your father, go hunting, take your children to a place that would make them extremely happy. To sum up, have some quality time with those that deserve your presence.

Pamper yourself with time. That is the most precious gift one can make for others or to oneself. Time gives you everything. It gives you energy to pursue further, to enrich yourself (financially or personally), to enjoy things, to solve problems, etc. That’s probably the best advice I can give you with this list.

7. Clean Your Space

Whether an office or, if you’re a homestay mother, declutter an area of your house, move things around a little bit and get rid of those things that you do not need. Donate to your countrymen that have it difficult this season – look for options to donate personally (if you know of a family that struggles, etc). This will also give you an idea of what is really necessary to have and what’s absolutely not. It’s refreshing and can provide you a lot more focus and space right away. Others will appreciate it, your children might find a new favorite spot to play, or you can find your inner self better, inspiration.

8. Set a Plan of Actions

I am writing this as the last thing because I know this only comes last, when all your goals, priorities, finances and dreams are set. Taking everything into account, your schedule included, contacts and more, try to plan a list of actions for each of your goals. it is basically a description of how are you planning to take that goal to an end. How are you planning to achieve it? What steps? This again, would be good to have it with you preferably in your diary so you can check it quickly. It is a little bit too much to put this on the fridge but, definitely make one as it will aid you greatly with time management and achieving your goals for this new 2019.

See you in the next post!

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