I bet you, reading this right now, have been in the situation of encountering yourself with an impossible woman in your life. Most articles when browsing reasons of ”female frustration” relate it to sexual experiences, or better said, inexperiences, and I tend to think this analysis has a tint of truth if we are to observe the behavior of taken women compared to the overall single/sexually inactive women.

For many out there, some women are simply impossible, hard to deal with, insufferable, envious, and with a less than desirable attitude and truth is that a woman feels complete when she feels like she’s taking upon her natural duty, and that is to reproduce or intend to, nonetheless. So what happens to those that are out of the equation?

Please understand there are many kinds of women, and as they say, each woman is an universe and thanks to that, we also have a tad more advanced feelings and less primitive beings among us, hence not everyone is going to react the same as your average hormone-driven woman. But usually, more simplistic ones, will follow the same old pattern which is: creating a negative aura around them (and many times involving others, just because no party is fun if alone, right?).

Where Feminism comes in

Recently I have been thinking about this and how even the nature of the ”frustrated female” has changed throughout time. We used to have women working together in tasks, helping each other accomplish what there was left to do until the end of the day, women spending time in family or with the others washing, cooking and raising up children.

What unifies women nowadays? Gossip. Hate. ”Competition”. Resentful feelings. ”Injustice”. Complaints. Comparisons. Do you also see the difference? Women have jumped from wholesome female-only activities and occupations, and overall filling their day with useful and fruitful pursuits, to this new stage where they have the feel that everyone should listen up (no matter if worthy or not) their take on what is wrong or right, how things should be, how things should change in a way or another and having the need to ”compete”, pull down or reject other females with the purpose of restoring oneself.

Women that do not lift each other up professionally and/or privately, have been equally fooled by the line that Feminism sells to the overall masses, that one that goes: ”we only want equality and if not, we will fight back”. 

A personal frustration goes long way…and pushes one to seek imperfections in others just to give ourselves a few more seconds of air before sinking once again. It won’t save us, it won’t improve us, it won’t teach us anything…it will only push us away from the reality of things: not everyone is the same and if you start pushing others away rather than creating a bond, you will find yourself isolated, depending on e-friends to put you up and probably (hopefully) some family around that will always stick with you because blood is thicker than water. Not because of your grace or charm.

You feel the rage? Be productive then.

You might feel this way because of a 1000 reasons and I am not here to analyze them, nor to give one solution to each one of them, but seek for a reason and sit down with yourself and think of possible ways to solve your own problems before you get involved in seeking problems within others. If you feel like you deserve, need, wish to comment on others’ matters, then most likely you are at boredom with your own occupation and it is time for you to change what you’re doing because you’ve been doing it wrong, and possibly, alone.

Once you’ve found out what drives you so crazy and got to chat with your own self, draw a plan and pattern to solve your issues (whether that might be with your partner, getting a partner, starting a family, getting treatment for some condition, getting help for something, or stop feeding loneliness).

At this point, look around and think for yourself, we are social creatures – we need communication, we need to talk, we need others and we depend on others – it’s always been like that since primordial times. Start glowing and create a pleasant aura around you rather than a toxic smog that would clog everyone’s eyes and heads. Talk about pleasant things no matter how down you might be, think that you’re stronger (inside) than you actually are and have a little more trust and confidence in yourself.

Women love being around other females that they can TRUST. Trust for women it’s a tough one, exactly because of this poisonous feministic and ”independent” nature. We need each other, and when we will realize that, gossips, criticism, hate will disappear and will finally allow us to empower ourselves the true way needed, in the way we not only feel the best but we are also finally productive and aid the opposite gender out when most needed.

It feels absolutely great having women that one can trust around, that one can talk freely about whatever without having the thought or fear ”oh, what if she’ll backstab me with this one?” or ”what if she’s not going to keep this secret?” – trust among everything is highly needed, from both sides. And so loyalty will come to you from others and viceversa.

It’s a glorious thing to dance together a dance we’ve shared thousand years…the beauty of womanhood.

Welcome to share your thoughts in the comments down below or follow me on my social media and let me know your thoughts!

See you next time!

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