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I know it’s not easy for all women to select the perfect gift for the men in their life (father, brother, husband/boyfriend, uncles, etc.) but here are couple things to take into consideration before even thinking about a gift:

  1. Their personality. Do they care about gifts? Do they prefer homemade things or are they more into practical/technological surprises? Are they materialistic (and no, do not fantasise, just genuinely think about the person’s own wishes – many do are materialistic even if they won’t say it).
  2. Their age. It’s actually quite easy to think about gifts if you take into consideration their age, abilities, agility, style and everything else that has to do with younger or older tastes.
  3. Their passions. What do they enjoy in this life? What do they care for? What do they stand for? Are they spiritual at all, or not? There are many questions you can ask yourself within the spectrum of ”passions” and that will open a whole new world into gift-giving no matter the occasion.

The hard part is over

After you’ve asked yourself these questions you should be able to extract some key points and relate those extractions with actual physical items, or activities that you could gift. But if not, here is a list of some things I think about when taking into consideration a wholesome man:

  • Baked goods. You can prepare an array of goodies, such as different type of cookies, pastries, etc and place them in special tin boxes (because they are reusable and aesthetic). I found really cute and extremely cheap cookie tin boxes at Søsterne Grene shopscheck here a map to see where to find them.
  • Books. I highly recommend some sort of book that will allow the man to grow in a way or another, such as nutritional wisdom (an excellent tome of knowledge is ”Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston Price, available with free world-wide shipping here) or any book from Logik and/or Arktos. Even if the person is non-political, they can get to enjoy a good book on history or politics if he shows any sort of interest in his heritage.
  • Beard products. Here you can have a look in stores for natural balms options or somewhere online. I recommend sticking with natural options as they might give less of an allergenic reaction.
  • Customized items. There are plenty of options here, for instance if you have a look in Etsy, you can not only support an artisan from your own country but also purchase something a little more special, that is handmade and you can most of the times ask for a customization detail to be added. I recommend mugs, bookmarks, jewellery, or something that would take the breathe away …some sort of ancient artefacts such as legit Viking Artefacts, here is a shop example, or this one over here.
  • Little trips. It can be to the same town/city/area but you can make it special by adding extras such as a dinner coupon, a hike, an experience that you are able to book (through you town’s Tourist Office, restaurants, wineries, farms, etc.)
  • Treatment tickets. If the man works out, feels burnt out and needs a rest because he deserves it, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to either offer him some special treatment at home (you can buy supplies for a refreshing bath, oils for massages) or book him a time with a professional.
  • Handcrafts. Here the world is big and the offers are endless if you know how too sew or make anything with your hands. I suggest to go and give Pinterest a look for ideas of what you could make by yourself at home, from scarves, socks, hats to cozy beautiful wool pullovers. You can also draw something and frame it beautifully, that if you’re blessed with good drawing skills.
  • Electronics. I have never heard about a man not liking technology or some sort of gadgets. Good, then just look at the gadgets they already own and think if you could complete their kits with accessories they might lack. If they have a camera, add a lense to it, if they have a tool, add an extra accessory and so on. Not everything needs to be expensive, sometimes you can find little things they lack – an electrical screwdriver, etc.
  • Cozy things. Keep them warm with nice pyjamas, slippers, a nice bathrobe. You can personalize these too by adding a name to them, embroidered, if you opt for a fancier version at the local boutique or in Etsy, for instance.

The idea is to gift something useful to the person, that is why I recommend to take those 3 things into consideration first. Do not gift anything to someone you barely know…put time and consideration into the gifts of those that are near to you. Keep it simple and pack them nicely by hand – that always add a very personal touch to it. I hope you’ve gotten some ideas now and…

See you in the next post!

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