Are you feeling the itch already as well? I certainly am and I know it annoys my man because he’s one of those that want to keep each season in their own schedules, but I am impatient and can’t deny I am anxious for everything December has to offer.

Some of the things being, quality time, snow, hot chocolates, family and crafting. I love getting in the mood by either reading or listening to something that reminds me of this beautiful season that I used to spend with my dear ones as a child. But now it is time to not build new traditions but just spend them with my new little family, which I am most thankful and blessed for.

What are the top things that you could do for Yule with your close family?

 I will offer you a list of things I personally enjoy, not only by myself but getting others involved around these times:

  1. Attend your city’s/village Christmas market ( you can find handmade fresh pastries or foods while you support your locals)
  2. Get the basics to start packing or manufacturing your Yule presents and decorations (you can involve others here in the packing of the presents at least, always being careful to hide their own gift, or you could manufacture a gift…why not?!)
  3. Prepare lots of hot chocolate or warm pastries and goodies (perfect for after a stroll in the market at super low temperatures!)
  4. Feed the animals together and prepare the bird and squirrel feeders for winter by packing them with seeds and other goodies
  5. Pile up on some good books to enjoy during the evenings
  6. Assist a ballet/opera classic (we are going to see The Nutcracker this year, it is an European classic and it feels like ballet and opera are being greatly underrated within our culture as of late)
  7. Make a donation to those in need (and by that I mean, either help your countrymen that are spending these days in the street or take part in aiding other’s life – such as the case of Mark and Alice that is well known now for those that have been following me in Social Media)
  8. Get back into sending postcards this season, remember your family and especially if they live outside your town, just send them a beautiful card with your greetings
  9. Seek for your inner spirituality. Even if you’re one that does not know what to believe, there is something out there that makes this season shine upon us with greater beauty… what do you think it is?
  10. Make dinners/lunching more of a ritual during these dark months, it will brighten up the spirits in everyone and will make everyone feel more at home and cozily (cook something more special, arrange the table beautifully, etc.)

What do you think? Do you have any special traditions or activities that you repeat every single winter/Yule? If so, go ahead and let me know in the comments below. I am literally stopping myself from playing something seasonal right now…patiently waiting for 1st December to hit so I can be officially in full right of doing so. How fun!

See you in the next post!

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