While some of you might already know me and have a full understanding of who is behind this blog, others might end up here from outside sources and wonder why The Pine Folks and what will I go about on here.

Firstly, I am a Master in Economics almost-graduate and at the current time I am working on my thesis work investigating the impact of social media interactions for big fitness brands from different perspectives. Secondly, I am a mother-to-be and being quite curious about all and everything that can make me improve in the area of motherhood naturally. I love learning about nutrition, fitness and generally the human body and what makes us closer to perfection both physically and mentally. 

Thirdly, I am a proud European based in Sweden with my soon-to-be husband with whom I share the love and passion for our culture, our lovely traditions that are not only rare but on the borderline of extinction due to unnatural and forced masses of other people on our continent. My aim is to preserve as many things as possible that I, and my family, have inherited from our elderly. I believe it is only a basic right every people should have, and as a matter of fact everyone has it at the current moment besides us – the minute we claim such right, we are seen as hateful towards others and that is a huge misunderstanding.

So, to close this introduction, this blog won’t be about any sort of hate, but about the love for my family, work, people, culture and living traditions. I will be posting lifestyle sorts of things, and especially now that I am becoming a mother, do expect posts on health, recipes, discussions regarding motherhood, child growth, education, etc. Basically whatever interests me and what I mostly enjoy writing about.

If you like what I am bringing here, what I write and what I am sharing with you, be welcome to not only follow me on my other social media accounts, but also to check my upcoming online shop (yet another passion I will dedicate an entire post to) and don’t hesitate to contact me or start a conversation – if I take more time answering is because of being extra busy these months taking care of what’s to come, a little blessing, a baby girl.

Thank you if you’ve read this far and see you in the future posts!

One thought on “Welcome to The Pine Folks

  1. Your blog is lovely and is really similar to what I originally thought I wanted to write about. I have mistakenly made my own blog more like a “Dear Diary”. Thank you for reminding me of my original purpose. Best Wishes from New Zealand and blessings to your family.

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